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Where Safety is Paramount

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Exceed Your Industry Cleaning Protocols

In the midst of global health concerns, PUR90 has remained vigilant and focused about developing disinfecting and protection systems that are incredibly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly. Our use of Purteq botanical and natural solutions make PUR90 the responsible choice compared to traditional harsh chemical cleaning products and old methods that can actually cause cross-contamination and spread germs and pollutants. After application of our Active Barrier Cleaner (PREVNT) your facilities will enjoy 90-days of ongoing clean, reducing time, costs and labor.

Take a look at the INDUSTRIES LIST below and see how we are solving the increasingly robust cleaning requirements being put in place. We believe our combination of leading-edge technology paired with our natural products, which mitigates 99.9% of germs, bacteria, mold, spores and pathogens, (including the source of the Covid-19 Virus) will give you a clean environment and provide you, your team and your patrons

The airline industry has been hit hard over the recent pandemic. The ability to certify a completely passenger-safe environment has never been so needed as it is now.

The leading-edge technology of our Botanical environmentally-safe cleaning and disinfecting products and advanced Luminometer testing and verification make PUR90™ the quickest and most cost-effective solution on the market.

Our Fresch and Prevnt misting applications ultra-fine nano-sized particulates provide complete coverage and are dry to the touch in under 15 minutes. Our formulas do not break down or degrade fabrics, plastics or any other components of the aircraft like harsh chemical cleaners like QUATS. Even the sensitive dials and electronic components in the cockpit are safe with the PUR90 solution.

Show rooms, car lots, shop areas and inside vehicles are all high traffic areas that need to be cleaned in a timely and through manner. PUR 90 is the perfect solution. You can quickly sanitize a new or used vehicle in mere minutes residue and odour free. It’s a great added safety measure for customers picking up a serviced or newly purchased vehicle as well.
Full care and retirement homes have been hit hard by viruses in the past couple of years, and safety is paramount like never before. PUR 90 tests, disinfects, protects and validates every clean in an incredibly efficient manner ensuring facilities stay safe and clean for up to 90 days. This gives administrators and personnel assurance that they are keeping their residents and themselves protected from 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and viruses.
Large areas can be cleaned and disinfected in a fraction of the time of other methods and cleaning products. Slot machines and electronics are safe with PUR 90 as our nano sized particles clean and protect and dry in mere minutes naturally and safely. All surfaces are blanketed with a protecting cover providing more uptime and peace of mind for patrons and staff with our FRESCH and PREVNT applications. And the clean is certified with industry-best NSPECT luminometer testing.
Schools are hotbeds for germs and pathogens. The PUR90 4-part cleaning system will ensure class rooms, labs, lecture halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, hallways, cafeterias and all common areas get a long lasting protection from germs and other contaminates. Student and staff safety is at a premium and PUR90 provides quick and efficient treatments.

Our Eco-friendly Botanical misting solutions are food grade safe and eliminate 99.99% of pathogens, viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 and bacteria.

In these times where food safety is a major concern give yourself peace of mind knowing your locations are completely sanitized with non-toxic food-safe applications.

Our “Clean Cart” Disinfecting Station is a turn-key fully automated cart sanitizing solution, completely disinfecting all surfaces (and not just handles) at a rate of one cart per second.

Our stations can be customized to meet the specific requirements for any store’s shopping cart storage and distribution setup.

With recent health scares and a pos-pandemic playing field a certified clean spaces are especially valued, and none more than health and wellness facilities, clinics, hospitals, testing centres, laboratories and medical research facilities.

PUR90’s natural fine-misting solutions will not corrupt or contaminate sensitive areas as they clean and eliminate germs, bacteria and hospital borne pathogens such as MRSE. Keep patients and personnel safe and free from germs with regular PUR90 services.

The manual cleaning that takes place daily in hotels, motels, and other accommodations is extensive. Cut down on the time and labour with PUR90 cleaning and disinfecting while preserving fabrics, and all hard surfaces. Our 90-day clean protects all rooms and common areas much longer than other solutions with in between visit applications of Fresch cleaner and Citrapur wipes. Save time and money with PUR90.
Commercial spaces face new and ever-changing regulatory protocols that are hard to keep up with. Simplify your life, with the knowledge that your facilities will be tested and certified clean with eco-friendly child and pet safe products. The one-two punch of Fresch® and Prevnt® are dry to the touch within minutes, leaving no wet, greasy, or sticky residue. Between visits, end-user Citrapur® wipes will help keep your spaces clean and germ-free.
Bathrooms are notoriously hard to keep clean and are breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty germs. PUR90 makes quick work of germ mitigation and our 4-step process helps clean and protect all hard surfaces quickly and completely.

In these uncertain days, one thing is certain… workspaces, retail facilities, and public spaces require cleaning and sanitizing services like never before.

PUR90 can provide safe, environmentally friendly, cost effective and long-lasting cleaning solutions.

Gyms and recreational equipment is used extensively by many people compounding the build up of germs and cross-contamination. QUATS have been used extensively, and they deteriorate equipment and surfaces escalating replacement costs. PUR 90 provides a safe clean solution to traditional sprays and wipes with all natural non-toxic alternatives.

Our Eco-friendly Botanical misting solutions are food grade safe and eliminate 99.99% of pathogens, viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 and bacteria.

In these times where food safety is a major concern give yourself peace of mind knowing your locations are completely sanitized with non-toxic food-safe applications.

Seating is degraded with commonly used toxic sprays and cleaners. And common areas are hard to keep on top of with so many people using facilities like movie theatres and concert halls. The PUR90 4-step
Theme parks and tourist attractions are now subject to more stringent cleaning protocols, and hiring personnel and cleaning companies becomes expensive. In fact, many businesses have seen a sharp decline in profitability as they disinfect rides and venues frequently, which causes much down time. PUR 90 is both quick and efficient, saving you time and money.

Public transport is a hotbed for germs. PUR90 kicks germs to the curb with our industry best 4-step testing, disinfecting, protecting and verification process – using all-natural eco-friendly formulas.

With the advent of the “Pandemic era” QUATS-based and other harsh chemicals are being used extensively in the transit sector with devastating results to fabrics, equipment and infrastructure (Seats, handgrips, wall coverings, rubber, metal fixtures, etc.). The non-destructive qualities of PUR90 FRESCH and PREVNT formulations will save millions of dollars of wear and tear and keep your equipment looking and functioning like new. And the PUR90 90-Day clean makes sure the cleaning cycle is both an achievable and cost-effective solution.

See what PUR90 can do for your business today.

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