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People, Pet
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Mineral & Plant-based Earth-friendly Products

Mineral & Plant-based Earth-friendly Products (B2B Sales)

The PURTEQ Product Line (Cleaners & Disinfectants)

PUR90 uses the innovative cleaning and disinfecting product line from PURTEQ. The natural and botanically based products are non-toxic, sustainable, and highly effective cleaning and disinfecting products that deliver an unparalleled and enduring clean. PURTEQ has harnessed “nature’s technology” – by making use of probiotic, colloidal, graphene, botanical, and mineral-based formulations that deliver an enduring and eco-friendly clean.

Disinfectant products are scientifically proven to kill certain viruses, bacteria and/or other germs. All disinfectant products must be registered with the EPA along with scientific proof of their kill claims in the USA and equally stringent requirements. 

FRESCHTM disinfectant and CITRAPURTM wipes have the lowest toxicity rating allowable by both the EPA, ensuring our products pose the lowest risk to the health of people, pets, plants, and the planet.

PURTEQ products clean and disinfect both surfaces and the air quality around them. Check out the full line below (and click on a product to find out more and download detailed fact sheets). We think you’ll want to switch from QUATs based products!